How do I create an account for Video Visits, Messages, and Photos?

Creating an Account

In order to participate in Video Visits, or send Messages and Photos to your inmate, you will need to create an account by following the steps below:

  1. Create an account by visiting
  2. Complete the Form
  3. You will need to review the Terms and Conditions, and check the box if you agree.
  4. Click Submit
  5. You will see a confirmation screen, and will receive an email with an activation link. 
  6. You must check your email and click the button “Activate Account”.
  7. Once your account has been activated, you’re able to sign in by visiting

What types of Photos are allowed? (Photo Policy)

When sending photos to Inmates in Canada Correctional Centres via the Synergy Tablets, the following rules apply:

Friend and Family Profile Photos

Your profile photo is a photo you upload and set as the profile image on your account.  There are special rules for this photo:


  • Face must be visible and recognizable
  • Head coverings if face is visible and recognizable

Not Allowed

  • Gang signs / hand signals
  • Nudity, suggestive or lewd behaviour, content or gestures
  • Printed signs or messages
  • Text on the picture
  • Cartoons or photos of other photos (cars, pets, etc.)
  • Weapons, drugs or drug paraphernalia
  • Violence or depictions of violence
  • Memes
  • Collages

Friends and Family Gallery Photos

Images you send to Inmates are displayed in the Inmate’s photo gallery.  These rules apply to any photo you are sending to an inmate:

Not Allowed

  1. Minors that are not fully clothed (including swimsuits)
  2. Nudity
  3. Suggestive content or gestures or lewd behaviour
  4. Photos in lingerie / underwear
  5. Weapons or replicas of any sort
  6. Drugs and/or drug paraphernalia
  7. Violent activity or depictions of violence
  8. Photos of text messages
  9. Photos of social media posts
  10. Photos with added text
  11. Photos displaying gang signs or hand signals
  12. Depictions of gang paraphernalia, or photos of gang drawings
  13. Photos of tattoos
  14. Memes
  15. Collages
  16. Glorification of criminal behaviour.

Photos which do not fit a category above, but are questionable in any way will be denied.


How do I share photos with my loved one who has access to a Synergy Tablet?

To share photos, your loved one must add you as a contact.

  1. Add funds to your Friends & Family Account so you can send photos and messages to your loved one.
  2. To make sure your loved one can return your messages, you can add funds to their Inmate Account.
  3. Next send your loved one a message asking them to invite you as a Contact.
  4. Once you receive the email from your loved one and accept the Contact request, you can send photos to them.
  5. From your account, click the Photos tab.
  6. Click “Take New Photo” or “Upload New Photo” (you’ll be alerted if you don’t have enough funds).
  7. You can choose who can see your photo by selecting the gallery the photo is in.
  8. Select the Share button above the gallery picture.
  9. A list of your contacts names should appear. If you would like the person to be able to view the photo, make sure the box is checked next to their name. If you don’t want others to see your photo, uncheck the box.
  10. Click Share.

How do I send messages to my loved one who has access to a Synergy Tablet?

To send and receive messages, you need to:

  1. Add funds to your Friends & Family Account so that you can send messages to your loved one, and to ensure your loved one can return your messages you can add funds to their Inmate Account.
  2. Once funds have been deposited, you can send and receive messages.
  3. From your account, click the “Message” tab then click on “ Send new message.”

Note: You must have a sufficient balance to send messages.

How do I rotate a photo?

Make sure your photo is rotated correctly before you upload it, since you won’t be able to do this in your account.

How do I know if my inmate is receiving my messages?

Here’s a few things to keep in mind about sending messages:

  • If you don’t hear back from the inmate right away it’s because every message has to be approved before you get a response.
  • Check the horn notification icon in top right-hand corner to see if the message is pending for approval.
  • Make sure that when you send your message, you get the pop-up that says, “Your message has been sent,” and shows how much you’ve been charged. If you don’t get this pop-up, make sure you have enough funds on your account.
  • You can also click the horn icon if it turns orange to review any error messages.

Where do I find the message an inmate says they sent me?

Log in to your GettingOut account and look under the “Message” or “News” tab.

How do I upload a photo?

To upload a photo:

  1. Log in to your GettingOut account.
  2. Click the Photos tab.

  1. Click “Take New Photo” or “Upload New Photo” (you’ll be alerted if you don’t have enough funds).
  2. Take a photo with your webcam or select a photo from your computer by clicking “Choose File.”


  1. Give your photo a title and choose a gallery or create a gallery for your photo.


  1. Click the Share Photo button.


  1. Choose who can see your photo and click Share.
  2. Once your photo goes through the required approval process it will be shared.


How to Send a Message

This video will show you how to send a message.

  1. From your account, click on the Messages tab and then click Send New Message.
  2. Select your friend and start writing your message. Messages can be up to 300 characters long, including punctuation. There’s a helpful character countdown feature at the bottom of your drafted message.
  3. When you’re done, click the send button. Each message you send must be approved first before you can read it.