Can I get a refund for my Friends & Family Account funds?

  • Please call Customer Service 1-866-713-4761 (or 844-369-7776 for British Columbia facilities) to find out if you qualify for a refund.
  • If you no longer need the account that the refund went to, then you’ll receive the remaining Friends & Family Account balance with a secure pin.
  • You can use this pin to make local, national or international calls by dialing 1-866-713-4761 (or 844-369-7776 for British Columbia facilities) and entering your pin and the number you’d like to call.
  • You cannot use this balance to continue to make deposits or communicate with active inmates who are in facilities that are not serviced by Synergy.
  • Cash refunds are available to you if your account funds meet the facility specific requirements of balance minimums. To request a cash refund or to determine your eligibility, please contact customer service. Please be advised that eligibility for cash refunds may expire 60 days after initial date of deposit. Refund processing fees may apply.

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