This video will show you how to schedule a visit for the first time. Scheduling a visit is as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

  • Step 1, log in to and deposit funds.
  • Step 2, find your friend and suggest a time to visit.
  • Step 3, wait for your friend to accept your invitation.

Here are the details:

  1. Once you log in to your GettingOut account, you can schedule a visit by clicking on the Visit link or the Contacts tab.
  2. Search for your friend by choosing their facility, choosing whether they’re an adult or juvenile, and typing in their name.
  3. Click the Search button and find your friend.
  4. Click on the Schedule Visit button.
  5. You’ll see different options to visit depending on what the facility offers. You can visit at the facility or remotely from home.
  6. Choose a date from the calendar or click the Today button.
  7. Select a convenient time to visit.
  8. Select the length of your visit. You’ll also see how much the visit will cost.
  9. Click the Select Visit Time button, and then click Accept and Continue.
  10. It’s always a good idea to test your microphone and webcam before you start your actual visit. Click the OK button.
  11. Click the Start button. You’ll know the test is successful when you see yourself on camera and your microphone is working.
  12. Your suggested visit time has been sent. As a friendly reminder, your friend or must accept the invitation first before you can visit.
  13. You’ll see the confirmation note in your Messages.