How do I deposit using Moneygram?

In order to deposit using a Moneygram, you must first purchase the Moneygram at a retail location.  You must follow the instructions below to make sure the MoneyGram is directed to the proper account.  After purchasing the MoneyGram, you need to call Customer Service to have it credited to your account.

MoneyGram Payment Instructions

  1. Visit the nearest MoneyGram or CanadaPost location.  To find the nearest retail location, visit or call 1-800-MONEYGRAM (800-666-3947).
  2. When purchasing your MoneyGram, you must provide the following information:
    1. Sender Information.  Your full name and address, including city and postal code, as well as your phone number.
    2. Account number to pay.  Your phone number (without dashes)
    3. Company Name.  For phone calls: Synergy Prepaid Phone.  For Inmate Trust: Synergy Trust/Commissary
    4. Amount to pay.  Amount you wish to send in Dollars.
    5. Receive code.  For British Columbia inmates: 18917.  For all other Canada inmates: 12552
    6. Payment type.  Credit or Debit Card (varies by location)
  3. After completing your purchase of the MoneyGram, the retailer will provide you with a receipt containing an 8 digit reference number.  You must keep this number.
  4. Call Synergy to have your MoneyGram credited to the proper inmate account.  For British Columbia Inmates, call 844-369-7776.  For all other inmates in Canada, call: 866-713-4761.  Be ready to provide the 8-digit reference code from your receipt.  You will also need to provide your name, phone number, and postal code.  You can deposit onto an inmates phone account, or their Trust account, so be ready to provide this information, along with the Inmate’s name, Offender ID, and the name of the Correctional Centre.


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